12 Human Needs To Develop Your MLM Business and Mindset

There are certain aspects of human needs you should understand while building your MLM Business that would be success-stories.

In this post you will learn 12 undeniable human needs to help you develop your mindset and increase your chances of success.

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12 Human Needs To Develop Your Entrepreneur Mindset

1. Ease their pain. People would rather avoid pain than seek pleasure. They will do anything in their power to avoid pain instead of seeking pleasure. As business owners you find that pain they are struggling with and then you offer the solution. Essentially what you want to do is you want to ease the pain of your target market.

2. Encourage their dreams. The reason why people get started in network marketing is not because they want a business, but because of what the business brings to them. They want to be able to travel more, financial freedom, spend more time with their kids, put their parents in a home, take care of their family. Encourage their dreams. Let them see how this industry is going to help them for the future.

3. Validate their thoughts and feelings. Would you agree that people have this need to be right all the time? Yes. People want to feel like they are right and understood. What you don’t want to do is tell people that they’re wrong. If you are telling somebody that they’re wrong, you’re pushing them away. You’re not going to be able to build rapport with that person. An example, in network marketing if you get the “that’s one of those pyramid things,” instead of saying “You’re wrong, you don’t know what you’re talking about.” Say, “You know what, that’s right. There is a lot of crap that goes on online.”

You are validating their thoughts and feelings but are not saying that they are wrong. Also, you are not saying that they are right because there is a lot of those going on online, and you’re validating their thoughts and feelings AND concerns about the industry of network marketing.

4. Engage and capture their attention. People have a short attention span. If you are talking to people, you want to make the conversation about them. If you make the conversation more about them than yourself or business, then people are going to be more engaged. Ask intriguing questions. Deep questions. Questions that make people think. When you ask intriguing questions, they’ll think, “I never thought about that.” That’s going to keep them engaged in a conversation.

5. Care. I got this from Gary Vaynerchuk. Make them feel loved (care). I’ve read this in his first book, Crush It. It’s in chapter 9. You have to have one side where you care and another side where you don’t care. I don’t care what people say about me or my business because all I care about is the community I’m serving.

6. Make them feel needed or significant. I had a survey 2 weeks ago on what value you can bring to a person in their life. Some people were talking about the value they can bring to their customers, and people talk about the value of their business. Share your story with people. Make them feel like, “Hey, you can do this too!” This is going to make that connection more powerful.

7. Sense of hope. Most people that get started in network marketing, they start because of the “money”. Once you start having a success story, what happens is that you have a success story to share with other people. When you share with them a sense of hope like “I was there. I got started. I was doing everything the company was telling me to do. Go to the trainings, talk about products, and had no success.” But once I started getting around mentors and learned marketing, then my business changed. Now you can share that story with people who are going to network marketing companies.

8. Contributing. Most every network marketing company has a charity attached to it. The reason a lot of people start a business is to make more money is and want to give back. In the beginning, it’s to make money. At the end of it, “I need to make this money so I can give some to charity, cancer, or a cause, water in Africa.” People want to feel like they are contributing to some community or cause.

9. Secrets. If you have a secret, you’re talking to a prospect, and something coming out, whether it’s a new product or a new book launch in your network marketing company. I’m not supposed to tell you about this but I’m going to tell you. If you share that secret, people are going to open up because they want to hear a secret. People don’t like to gossip. If you reveal a secret and sharing it with certain individuals, they are going to want to listen to you.

10. Give them a sense of power. The people you are trying to recruit, help get to their dreams, and connect with. If you tell them, “Hey, J.O.B. is just being over broke.” What happens is that you will devalue that person. Change this by saying, “Hey, if you want to start your own business, this is a way you can take back control of your life. This is a way that you can spend as much time as you need to on this to build the life of your dreams.” You have to give them that sense of power. Let them know that the power is in their hands.

11. Offer a scapegoat. What I mean by that is, even though that you want to hold people accountable, have them be responsible. you also want to let them know that you give them a scapegoat. It’s not your fault. In my first network marketing company, we had some success but I hit a plateau, what ended up happening is that once we hit this plateau, because we were doing everything they told us to do, learning about the products, learning about the company, and getting all this training. We thought we were trained and ready to go. Until we found these types of marketing strategies and understood marketing, then we let them know, “Hey, it’s not your fault because I was trained in that exact way. and I had the same exact results.” Then I can offer them a solution. For example, MLSP, or Elite Marketing Pro.

12. Calm their fears and doubts. In the beginning, when you’re brand new, people hate to hear objections. They don’t want to hear objections. If you let people know that objections are just unanswered questions, that people are trying to get more information on it. If you don’t know the answer, you can connect them to somebody who knows. Easing their pain by offering a solution. When found their pain and offer a solution, and you solve their problem. Does that make sense?

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