3 Best Questions To Ask Your MLM Prospects

This post might just totally change your results in MLM prospecting.

These are three of the best questions to ask to get you more signups!

A Hard way to Prospect

best-questions-to-askFor most people I believe, the hardest way to prospect is to take a script and try to make it sound normal. Sales professionals do this but most people in network marketing are not sales professionals and don’t talk to enough people to master any type of script. You can prospect and recruit people by know the best questions to ask!

Three MLM Prospecting Questions

This came from a couple of days ago where a prospect had seen a presentation and I asked these three questions. After I asked these questions I got valuable information. These are my best questions to ask and when I ask them it makes it easier to recruit people into my business. I want to share these questions with you so you can recruit more people. Here are your three questions.

1.  What did you like best about what you saw? A lot of times people say what do you think and the response is most time are negatives ones. If you ask a person what did they like about what they saw, they’ll tell you about what they like about what they saw and it mostly be positives, what you are looking for.

2. How would you build this business? There are multiple ways were you can build this business but ask them how. When they plug into the system, which system works best for them? When you ask how they are going to build it, show them the system. You want to see which is the most effective way of exactly how they are going to build this business.

3. Why? Why are you looking to making more money? Why are you looking to a home-based business? You want to ask why is because when you get those people who are negative, for example; “I don’t have time for this.” You ask “Well, just curious why are you looking into a home-based business?” Then they open up and tell you their problems. Very powerful question to dig deep into your prospect and actually get that information on why they would build a network marketing business in a home-based business.

Best Questions To Ask After Presentation

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