3 Ways to Get MLM Prospects Asking You For More Info

Ever feel like you have mlm prospects but nobody’s coming to you for any info?

Here I’m sharing tips on getting prospects to come back for more information, tools, and resources from you.

mlm prospectsFirst impressions do matter, but it’s not the end all be all. The first connection that you make with somebody, yes, you want it to have a good first impression. This doesn’t have to be perfect.

The first connection is crucial. What this does is it sets the tone on how the relationship is going to be. This is the same thing if you’re going to meet your husband or wife. If you meet in the beginning and it’s based on a lie, the whole relationship is will be a lie. But if it’s based on the truth and facts, that’s how the relationship is going to be. Same thing with mlm business. If you make that connection, be authentic, yourself. It’s setting the tone for how it’s going to be for the next year, two years, five years.

Keep the Conversation Going

You want to ask questions to keep the conversation going. If you’re talking to a mlm prospect and asking questions but they are giving one-word or two-word answers, that means they’re not really trying to maintain one with you. If you take a step further and ask about them.

Ask Questions about Them

You want to ask questions to keep the conversation going but also want to ask questions about them. Doing the research on the timeline or you met a prospect at a networking event, you write down a couple of notes on the back of their business card, During that conversation, ask questions about them. People love talking about themselves and how great they are. If you want to build rapport faster, just continue asking about them. At the end of that conversation, prospects will say, “You are the best listener” :)

Can They Relate to You?

They want to feel they can relate to you before they end up buying. As a side note, if there’s nothing there, you can practice some of this on mlm prospects that you know you’re not going to make a sale. Just to practice that rapport building and build a connection there. And don’t waste your time. But a person wants to feel that they can relate to you before they buy your product or service. If you are creating online content or have a conversation with mlm prospects on social media, talk about family, traveling, graduation, basketball, sports, business. When they feel they can relate to you, there’s a higher conversion of doing business with them.

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