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4 Simple Facebook Targeting Tips To Reach Your Audience

Today you will see social media audience to target your active Facebook page.

Watch the video to see these Facebook tips.

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Facebook Targeting Tips To Reach Your Audience

Here I go over the four simple targeting tip by Facebook. When you understand this, then Facebook marketing becomes very simple because with Facebook you can get very specific on who you want to put your ads in front of.

1. Interest Based Targeting. This is the one I use the most. This finds people based on their interest, hobbies, entertainment, people who they follow. This is a cold audience.

Being a network marketer, I look for interest like Eric Worre, Jim Rome, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown. People who are in network marketing already. When they start seeing my ads, they are not resistant to them.

2. Demographic behavior. Find people who are based on their age, gender, job tiles, purchase behavior, device usage, etc. The way people behave on Facebook. If you are immersed in your industry, you understand what people are doing.

When you are in business, people ask you questions all the time, every single day. “How can I do this? How can do that? If you’re paying attention to who’s speaking with you and what they’re asking, you can start taking that information and put it into Facebook. Start creating ads around that subject.

3. Custom audience. This is pretty ninja because what you can do is you can take existing customers, for example people who have clicked on your website, take your contacts on Facebook, or take the email addresses of people that you have and start putting ads in front of those people.

This is your warm/hot audience here. This is when have existing customers, people who have seen you and start creating a target ad to your existing audience on Facebook.

4. Lookalike audience. Similar to the custom audience. These are people who are similar to your customers and contacts. You can create a lookalike audience. You can watch the full training here.

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