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4 Tips on Building Your MLM Blog

It would be crazy for me to run this mlm blog and never talk about how to set one up. Almost every single leader I know in the mlm industry, uses the mlm blogs to build their business. This may come as a shock to some people that have listened to guru’s. If you are not getting the results in your mlm that you desire, pay attention to these 4 tips on how to set up your blog!

4 Tips on Building Your MLM Blog

mlm blogYou don’t have to spend six months to try to set up a mlm blog. You can go to one of these two. Put in “How to set up a WordPress Blog,” and outsource it for you for $50 or less than $100, to get your blog set up. Or MLSP, which I’m an affiliate of, you can set that up in two clicks.

Create a killer giveaway.

Ask yourself, “What is it that they are struggling with?” Network marketers are struggling on “Where do I find people to talk to?” I can create a giveaway an audio, Give this audio away for free, in exchange for  your email address. If you have their mobile phone number it is a higher quality lead. They’re raising their hands and asking, “Please, call me!” That’s a strategy that works.

Create value.

I believe when you are giving value to your audience, they will thank you for it. This is the attraction marketing principle. Value is giving the audience what they want. A mlm blog is a great way to leverage this. I’m moving away from one-on-ones because I want my blog to do it for me. I’m creating the ultimate leverage and an online asset where I can send people to my mlm blog, and can get free value. I’m making this transition where if you really want to work with me, you have to pay. But if you want it for free, go knock yourself out, I’ve got five years of content.

Branding yourself and setting yourself apart. Your blog is something you own; you want to set yourself apart from everybody else that’s in your industry. Going back to network marketing, everyone has this website, and I get messages every single day about how to create this opportunity, and they all have this same replicated website. It doesn’t work. If you have something where you can brand yourself, especially in your niche, people look at you. Your video, pictures, or whatever, you start to set yourself apart from the clutter that’s out there. So having a blog, you can definitely brand yourself and set yourself apart from everybody that’s in your niche.

Tips to Create Content

mlm blogDo you have a problem with having something to talk about, creating content? Most people do get writer’s block and don’t know what to talk about. Hopefully this will simplify it for you guys.

Life experiences. Take people on a journey with you. What was it that you were struggling with? There are a lot of people who don’t want to talk about this. You don’t have to go to the darkest secrets of the past, but take them on a journey of where you used to be, where you are now, and where you’re going. And you can continue to show that journey through your blog. You can email your list and show them that progression.

Barnes & Noble. Barnes and Noble is a great place. What I used to do is I’d pick up the Robert Kiyosaki books, Danny Kennedy marketing books and would get some ideas.From those ideas, I would create a blog post about it. It’s something simple. Don’t plagiarize but reference where you get it from.

Do you have a video library. I got Listening to AskGaryVee, he gave me a lot of ideas on what I can talk about on social media. If you have any types of books that you have in your industry, post an image  and create a blog about it. Pretty sure you have more than 10 books. You can pull ideas from that forever. People are still creating books, so you can buy more books if you need to.

Make It About Them

People have this idea that “I have to talk about myself”. If you create content and focus on them, then people will love you. It’s not about you anymore; it’s about them. How can you serve your audience? How can you help them? A lot of people, blogging want to talk about how great they are. An example. I create videos, blogs, but if I were to talk about myself, or invite you guys here and go on about how great I was, I probably won’t see you guys ever again :). Obviously, you want to learn how to blog, how to create an online presence, that is why it is about you guys.  When you start creating content, make it about about your prospects. Don’t make it about you. Take them on a journey and share with them how you can help them.

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