4 Tips on Social Media Recruitment

Are you using social media but are not having the results you are looking for? In this video post I share 4 social media recruitment tips to help you in your business.

Tips To Recruiting On Social Media

social-media-recruitmentEssentially, using the social media as a recruiting and marketing platform can help you reach out to more prospects and expand your network. Most people can interact and connect with different brands on social media. If you decide to build your brand(which I highly suggest you do) you can capitalize on opportunities by creating a strong network through different media platform. Take your business to another level by implementing a perfect social media recruitment strategy that can help you reach out to these mlm prospects. The first step towards building a successful social media network is providing value to people and building a following. This is how its done on Instagram. Make the social media audience see you are a person of value and what you can do for them.  When recruiting on social media, these four tips listed below will help.

  1. Avoid mentioning your company’s name – This is a huge mistake made by the rookie marketer. They choose to use social media as a billboard instead of its purpose, which is connecting with people. The essence of social media recruitment is to raise curiosity to potential prospects on the social media. To do this, you need to post two types content, which is value and lifestyle. When you mention your company’s name, you’ve lost them.
    When you reveal the name of your company, your prospect will go on Google, and for their opinion of the company before you have a chance to speak with them. Most of the time the focus will go directly to the negative comments about the company. This makes it hard for you to approach them in future because they will relate to negative comments to your company. The updates should be a platform to create relationships and get your content noticed.
  2. Never send an unsolicited link – This is a person hoping to get a sign up without building any type of relationship. When recruiting on social media, you should build a relationship first with your prospect before you send them anything. It is important to work on relationship first because if you send an unsolicited link, people will treat it as spam and will not bother to check it out. Focus on building rapport first before you ask your prospect to check out your link.
  3. Change the scenery – Share different types of pics and post on your updates. Remember as an entrepreneur you are living a lifestyle, do fun thing and take cool pics. People will realte to you and enjoy being entertained. You can increase your social media recruitment with this tip alone, because people will be reaching out to you.
  4. Ask your prospects questions – An important part of your social media recruitment strategy, ask questions after you are posting updates. When you are sharing pics as in tip 3, and prospects start reach out to you, ask “what post did they see?” This is very powerful because it gives you an idea what to post more of instead and get better results in your business. Ultimately, when recruiting on social media, it is important to build relationship first, keep them engaged and do a follow-up to improve your marketing skills.

Video On Social Media Recruitment

Was that video helpful? I sure hope so. You can separate yourself from the bad marketers out there by using these social media recruitment tips and implement them into your business. Be the person your prospects wants to connect with instead blocking you on social media. If you want more leads on social media, check out this cheat sheet for Instagram here.

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