5 Ways On How To Blog And Become An Authority

This past Wednesday, there was over 5,800 people on a webinar wanting to learn how to blog and become an authority in their specific niche. In this video blog post I’m gonna share with you my notes from this amazing webinar so that you can start blogging in your niche.

How To Blog For Your Business

how-to-blogIf you are on any blogging platform you probably know this teacher who was teaching on this webinar. If you don’t, after this blog post you will. Real quick on Ray Higdon, he has been blogging  since 2009 and has earned millions of dollars blogging, not even off his network marketing company. This is a small example on how powerful a blog can be. In the video below I break down the 5 ways on how to blog and become an authority. He actually put a course together here that you can check out

5 Ways On Blogging and Become An Authority

1. Have a vision. Ask yourself, “Who do you want to become?” and “How do you wanna be known?” You wanna focus on who you want to become NOT on the money you need. See yourself in a better situation without justifying where you are now. You have to vision yourself BETTER than your current situation.

2. Immerse yourself. Become apart of your industry by investing, learning AND then teaching. Most will spend there time looking for free all day everyday. Note that FREE, is the most expense option because it takes longer. You wouldn’t cut your lawn with a pair of scissors, of course not. Invest in yourself in your industry.

3. Create Content. This WILL be the fastest way to become an authority is to create content. I mentioned in the last step about investing, learning and teaching. Do NOT forget the teaching part. Teaching what you learn makes you an instant authority.

4. Build and serve your audience. Go where you are celebrated, not where you are tolerated. The audience you create, serve them and provide value to them. Do waste your time with negative who want to bash you. I don’t let negative people join me in my business, and you shouldn’t either. Remember there are more people hungry for education than there are teachers. Fill this void by serving your audience.

5. Monetize your blog. Blogging will help you connect with more people that respect you. Your goal on how to blog is to generate leads and build an audience. When you learn how to do that you will be able to monetize your blog.

Video On How To Blog To Become An Authority

Was that video helpful? Do you have a better understanding on how to blog? I sure hope so. If you want to become an authority with blogging, I highly suggest you pick up this course by clicking the link here. I’m not sure how long it will be available but it can help you change your business with blogging.

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