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A Great Reminder When Setting Goals

There is a time where everyone is setting goals for themselves. Let me help you in constructing them in a way that will have you succeed.

Heads up…

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Are you building your dream?

It’s a mindset. It’s my dream, so I’m not going to depend on anybody else to help me get to my dream. This Zig Ziglar quote, “If I help enough people, I’m going to get what I want.”

I believe a lot of people are waiting for someone/something to help them out, and you don’t have to do that. It’s on YOU. If you’re the CEO, no matter what company you’re with, you are the CEO. Ask yourself, “What is my dream, and how am I going to get to it?”

When talking about affirmations, and your brain is programmed when you ask yourself questions, to find the answer. When you ask yourself those questions, “How am I going to get it done today? Who can I help today?” You all of a sudden have the answer, “Oh, I’m going to reach out to that person,” and then boom. Ask yourself these questions in the morning. That makes sense?

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