Answers to Common Personal Branding Questions

Yesterday I did the seminar for my clients and there were a lot of great questions on there. With a packed seminar we did not have time to answer every question. This post will answer some of the common blog questions people have.

Your Personal Branding Questions Answered

Q: What is the very first step to consider if you have not yet started your personal brand?
A: Build YOU Inc. What do you want to be known for. You can use your name, that’s optional.

Q: Should you build multiple MLM companies?
A: I wouldn’t suggest you do that because this can water down your personal brand. If you are build multiple MLM companies, what message are you portray to your audience. My suggestion would be if you decide to build multiples is build one first, get results and build another.

Q: Do you have up-sells with your personal brand?
A: Of course, but it has to be congruent with your brand and what you are known for. You don’t wanna be the guy with the trench coat selling everything at once. Confuses your target audience.

Q: Should my personal brand stay the same?
A: I believe that what you will have to adapt to is change. Things will always change. It’s better to be ahead of that change. But your personal brand will evolve over time with growth.

Video: Your Personal Branding Questions Answered

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