Are Networking and Marketing Interchangeable?

When searching for the best way to build your home based business, you need to know the difference between networking and marketing. How do you decipher the two?

In the video in this post I will expose the difference between the two.

Which Should You Do?

networkingAre marketing and networking are interchangeable. You market yourself, you are networking, meeting other people, that’s helping you market. Or how do you decipher it?

There are two things. Networking is simply going out there, connecting with people, meeting people, prospecting, social media, online, offline, warm market, cold market, basically talking to people. Marketing is the question you asked me, who’s your clientele? Who do you want to speak with? Because you are not going to sell filet mignon to a vegan or vegetarian.

That’s what a marketers are doing. Trying to sell filet mignons to these vegans and vegetarians, and that’s why they struggle at making money. They’ll say, “You don’t understand. It’s wrapped in bacon, it’s seared, it’s medium rare.”  And then the vegan will say, “I DON’T EAT MEAT.”

With marketing, you have to speak to your audience. You got to get your niche or niche. but you got to niche down on who it is that you’re speaking with. That’s why I target network marketers because those guys, already believe in the industry. They only need training, believe in the concept, believe in team building and love the business model. They just don’t know how to build it.

If I’m marketing to network marketers and show them what I’m doing, how I’m building it, or people on my team are doing and how they’re building it, and they can do the exact same thing, then they’re think, “Oh yeah, I need that training. Instead of the training I’m getting.” Because as much as I love network marketing, the industry, the real issue I see is, since people want to make money, they’re focusing on the product instead of the lifestyle it can create for the person that’s building the business.

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