Attraction Marketing and Creating An Offer To Attract More MLM Leads

There is a true beauty with the concept of attraction marketing. It is THE preferred way to get clients and to not feel like such a salesman (or woman). Read on to discover the concept and zen of having customers you attract.

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Create A Lead Magnet

You know what a lead magnet is???

A lead magnet is when I’m talking about a specific topic in that blog post, and have a lead capture page in that blog post. I’m looking to capture their info. I do this with a lead magnet, which is a video, a blog, or article. Offering something of value my prospects, they can give me their information.

My suggestion would be to leverage systems. There are systems out there that you can use. I use My Lead System Pro (MLSP) and Elite Marketing Pro (EMP). As a member, all that is set up for you. You have go in there and market it. We are talk about branding and trying to build your list. You want to build a list of customers and potential people you will work with. You need something to give them value so you can attract them and receive their information.

Three Different Ways to For A Better Conversation

First way is leveraging a system. They give you affiliate links to a website. Most will do this. “Hey, Click this link for more info.” You haven’t provided any value, so what a prospect will do is they’ll click it and if they don’t know you, exit out and go away. If they do know you and see the lead capture page, they’ll be iffy on should I put my information in there or no? You may get leads that way from people that you know. But not a high conversion.

Second way is watch the video. You can watch the training video, and then talk about it with an article or blog. Example, “Hey, I got some great tips from this author. I learned this. If you want to learn more about it, click the link below.” And then they click it, and they go put their information there. It’s a higher conversion, but it’s not the highest one.

Third way (my suggestion) what I do, I watch the training or product the create a video or video blog. Example, “Hey, I learned these tips 10 tips on this video.” Going back to branding, I want people to know more and I don’t want to hide behind a website because those days are gone. I want people to see me as an expert when they go to my videos. If they never heard of network marketing, recruiting about network marketing or prospecting, or marketing in network marketing, and come to my video first. I want them to see my face. I will create a video, about tips I learned about that video. If you want to learn more about it, there’s a link below this video or on the next page. Click that link and you get more information. That’s the highest conversion.

What CRM Are You Using?

The one I use is here, I won’t get too technical, ‘cause we don’t have time. What it does is that I can tag it to a certain funnel or capture a video. I can track it ‘cause I wanna know where that lead or prospect is coming from. When it comes into my CRM, it says what website they came from and their social media will come up. It’s not an autoresponder. An autoresponder is more that when you send an email out, it broadcast to your whole list. This CRM, I can follow up each person individually. With an autoresponder I can promote webinars then broadcast it to my list.

Focus on offering value, create or leverage systems so that you can become attract more mlm leads. For those that want to dive deeper on this topic, for a very limited time ‘on demand training’ to get FREE leads for your business, you can check out by clicking here

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