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Attraction Marketing: How Often To Post Content?

Struggling to use attraction marketing on how often to create content?

Here I share exactly the answer on what to do with content for your audience.

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How often do you suggest you post?

Me: How often are people looking?

Her: All the time.

Me: There you go.

Her: What about blog posts? Every day?

Me: It depends… If you want to have a weekly blog post, that’s fine. If you want to have a blog post once every six months, that’s not going to work. If you have a weekly blog post that can get you some traction, you got to be consistent. But what I see people do is they’ll blog posts for the first 14 days. They are not getting a hundred leads and say, “Oh, it doesn’t work.” It takes time.

Her: Do you think video blog, or written blog?

Me: When you go to a post, are you more likely to watch a video, or are you more likely to read?

Her: I rarely will watch a video.

Me: You’ll read it? You’ll read an article.

Her: I’m more apt to read it. But as long as it’s not too long… more than about four paragraphs.

Me: How many people will read? And how many people will watch? How many people read? Okay.

Her: I’m a reader.

Me: You want to do it to your consumer. That makes sense? It’s better to do it to your consumer than what you like. If you want to impact and reach more people, then do it to a consumer.

Video on How Often To Post Content?

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