Attraction Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business

If you’re asking the question “What is attraction marketing?”…

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It shows that you have at least heard of the ‘secret’ that ALL the top earners embrace.

Simplifying Attraction Marketing

attraction-marketing-tipsAttraction marketing is simple. You have a target market and from that target market you are providing value to them. Rather it’s in an online piece of content and offline stuff you can do as well. You are providing value to that target market, with content where they are reaching out to you. This is an unnamed individual who is reaching out to you, especially when talking about the cold market. If you are targeting this cold market, with attraction marketing, you’ll have a lot of people raising their hands asking, “What is it that you do?, or “I need that, let’s talk!”

Attraction marketing is very simple, the value that you put out to the market place, people are raising their hands and they are attracted to the value that you are putting out there and they want to you know, buy something from you or potentially work with you.

Attraction Marketing Tips for Restaurants

For example, your target market is restaurants and you wanted to target restaurant owners with video, you would create a video on “What are the five key ways that you need to know about social media for restaurants?”

If you’re a restaurant owner, then you would be attracted to that value.

The great thing about attraction marketing, especially on the internet, is that it’s leverage. As a business owner you want to think long term and there is a lifestyle you wanna create and make money doing it.

How can I leverage my efforts because on long term you want to walk away making residuals, you wanna walk away making a passive income so you wanna be thinking, “How can I multiply myself as many times as possible on the internet where people are reaching out to me and I can start transferring my time somewhere else.”

Problem is is that when people go online, working night and day, 120 days and don’t get any results, or small ones. They tell themselves, it doesn’t work. You’ve been working on it four months, you have 200 followers.

Now those 200 followers are targeted, yeah, you won’t be able to walk away but you can make some money. I won’t say that you won’t be able to make money with 200 followers that are targeted. When most people go online that have 200 followers, all of them are their family or their friends, trying to sell to them and they’re against everything that they sell to them and don’t wanna know why they are struggling. Their strategy is just posting. They just wanna post because they don’t want to talk to people so their strategy is posting and like, “I hope somebody reaches out to me,” instead of going out there and building relationships or providing value to a target.

If you are immersed in your industry, you know what the problems are. All you gotta do is listen to your prospects. So you know what the problems are so you can solve those problems using attraction marketing. Does that make sense?

Video on Attraction Marketing Tips

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