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Audio: Why Two Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Artists Called Me a Network Marketing Genius

We had planned on doing a podcast where my buddies grilled me about network marketing, due to technical difficulties, we had troubles with the mic or internet. I share with people all the time I’m a marketer and NOT a tech guy.  I have done this million times! However we rocked out an audio interview!

My Interview With Bam and The Stallion

network marketingNow, I was interviewed, by my friends Jimmy and Blake, who have a podcast and was privileged to be the first business owner and network marketer on their show. They question me about all network marketing, my back story as a professional basketball player amongst other things. Now, this audio is much more powerful than a simple advertisement for network marketing, we go into details how building my network marketing business, how I built it in the past, mistakes to avoid and let me tell you, I’ve made many. In fact, I share the similar concepts I used when I played pro basketball.

Now, they ask me some hard hitting questions:

  • When I Discovered Network Marketing
  • How to Build Your Income Goals
  • How Many Hours Should You Put In Your Business
  • And many more….

You can access the audio file here

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