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Be The Solution To Your Prospect’s Problems

Want your prospect to buy your product or service?

Here’s how to be the solution to their problem.

How to Get Prospects to Buy ALL Your Stuff

prospects problemDo your prospects want to buy from you? More importantly, do they want to do it over and over again? If not then you’re missing one of the most IMPORTANT elements of having a successful home business.

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Be The Solution To Your Prospect’s Problems

I seen this on Shark Tank where they said a business is when there is a problem around a need, and solving it then turning it into money. Like with cell phones for example, go down your path with cell phones, I’m pretty sure everybody was fine with going to a payphone a long time ago. Pulling over and saying, “Ooh, I forgot my phone.”Wait in the line just to get the pay phone. People were probably fine at that time.

Now I bet everybody has a cell phone on them, and if you leave the house and are 10 minutes away, you going to turn back around and get that cell phone. I don’t know who created cell phones, but Steve Jobs took it to another level. But that’s a need that was created out of thin air by the person who was thought,

“You know what would be cool? If I could just take the phone with me. You know what would be cool? If I’m driving and I’m talking. You know what would even be cooler is that I’m texting and I don’t even got to talk to the person.” This is thought process that person who created the cell phone.

Audience: And it’s all stuff along the way that I said I didn’t need, when it was first introduced. It was hanging out there way before I decided to purchase.

Marketing to Your List

When you have an audience and you are starting to build your list, that when you are reaching out to your prospects and following up with them, even if they say no, you put them back into your sales funnel, or you put them back into your email and continue to market to them, and then because when they’re ready, they’re ready.

But you’ve got to continue to market to them. I run across this a lot, meaning that I’ll talk to somebody and they’ll say, “Yeah, I reached out to them but they said no.” How many times did you reach out to them? “Oh, once.” The numbers show that you got to talk to somebody at least seven times before they make a decision, and that’s a way you can do it through your marketing.

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