The Best Way To Get MLM Leads

Ever wonder what is the best way to get MLM leads? Let me tell you AND share how to get more.

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Where to get the best MLM Lead generation?

mlm-leadsThis came from a question from a woman I was speaking to. She was struggling with getting free mlm leads. She was fairly new in her business, and asked, “What’s the best way to to do it? I’ve been going to the networking events. I’ve been going to different events. And I’m trying to find out the best way to get mlm leads.

I’ve recruited people from social media, at networking events, in the cold market. I haven’t recruited a waiter or waitress yet. I’m working on that, but I know people who have recruited waiters and waitresses. I have got a bartender. There’s different ways that you can get the best mlm leads source out there. For me, the best way that you could get a lead is by using attraction marketing.

If you are not familiar with attraction marketing, it is when you put value into the marketplace. You have a person reaching out to you to see if they are open to your product, service or business opportunity in network marketing. It works in all industries, but me being a network marketer, this is the very best way I’ve seen to get targeted mlm leads. With that value, people are attracted to that value. They are reaching out and asking you about your business, or they want to join your business. Yes, the old school way still does work. Go out and prospect. Especially if you are new. This is what I suggest because this is something you can control. MLM prospecting, you can control.

Most people want people to come to them, but they are not putting value out there. This is why they are struggling with that. The content that is being distributed out there. It’s not valuable content because most of the content that I see in the network marketing industry is content that is selling content. There is a different to lead into a sale, but most content out there is buy now, you’re going to miss out. As a network marketer, you don’t want to raise resistance. I did a video about that the other day. You may want to check that out, but you don’t want to raise resistance in your marketing. You want to use attraction marketing. The best way to get mlm leads is when somebody is reaching out to you and ask, “Hey, what is your business?, I want to join you.” The best way you can do that is with attraction marketing. In the video below I give some more specific details.

Video on Best Way To Get MLM Leads

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