Big Reason Why Network Marketers Fail when New in Network Marketing

Are you frustrated with your results in Network Marketing? The first thing you want to identify is what you want to accomplish and what you desire, to help you get there, let’s identify a possible reason for failure on why network marketers fail?

Common Reason for Failure..

People like to complicate things. I’m not dismissing those issues, but you have to understand, everybody has problems.

So the question is, are you the solutions to these problems? Are you the answer to their questions that leads to the solution to the problem.

I share with people when they are doing business that people have options. Whatever you offer, most people have that as well. Ask yourself what is it that you can do to differentiate yourself or separate yourself from your competition.

Can You Identified Your Competition?

Because pretty much whatever you do, there is some level of competition. I guess there’s two side of competition.

Competition where you focus on everybody else and see what everybody else is doing. Or…

You don’t have to worry about the competition and you double-down, triple down, 10x down on the customer that you have and make sure you provide them with so much value that they won’t think about going anywhere else.

It just depends on where your mindset is and where you are in your network marketing business. In the beginning, when people start a business, they are taking all customers because they need that cash flow.

I do this. I do that

Those kind of entrepreneurs, they fade a little bit because they spread themselves so thin. It’s hard to keep up with that. People will ask, “What is it that you really do?

They have no idea what you are doing.

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