Building An Online Marketing Strategy In 3 Steps

Are you struggling with the online marketing strategy? In this video blog I’m going to share with you three steps on how you can actually have an online marketing strategy for your business.

Watch the video as I breakdown the critical parts of going online.

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Three Steps To A Successful Online Marketing Strategy

Looking for an online marketing strategy? I’m going to share with you basically in three steps how you can do that.

Step number one is you have to build an audience. When you are online, whether its Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or even a blog, you need to start by building an audience. A lot of time people get online and they want to only sell. If they have an audience already it works, but if you don’t have one yet, it won’e work. If you want to build something long-term, I highly suggest that you start to build an audience. You need to build an audience that is going to appreciate you so you can build your brand.

Tip number two is engage with your audience. I see a lot of people who are on Facebook or on YouTube who create these videos and they’re not replying back to the community. I like what Gary Vanderchuck says. He always talks about if you start with one then you are building a community. When you have that one person who is actually interacting with you, start engaging with that community because that’s one right there. You have to engage with your audience, because if you’re just building audience but not engage with them, then it’s going to be hard to actually do the last step which is…

Step number three is to sell to your audience. Obviously, you are in business. You want to actually make sales, but if you don’t have that know, like, trust factor its gonna be tough. Missing the first two steps and going straight to selling, you will not be able to make sales to an audience. You have to make sure that you’re engaging with your audience, provide value to your audience, and then when you have a product that you’re selling, current product or creating a product, whatever you decide. It’s easier to sell to them because now they know, like and trust you and you can actually sell to them.

Online Marketing Strategy Video

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