Building Mental Toughness in Your Home Business

IF you are building a home business, you will absolutely need to learn how to build mental toughness, this will help.

Let these tips help you with developing the mindset needed for success.

Finding Acceptance and Approval

Finding acceptance and approvalPeople are looking for people to accept what they are going to do, and looking for approval from their family and friends. If you’re looking for acceptance and approval, in network marketing, before you start prospecting or marketing, You’re going to fail. You’re not going to make any money. I can almost guarantee that, because you’re waiting for somebody to give you permission to get started, and waiting for somebody to say that, “yeah, what you’re doing is going to work”.

You don’t need acceptance from anybody except yourself to get started. If you are looking for this from somebody outside of yourself, guaranteed to fail. For example, let me talk to the other half or spouse, which is great. But sometimes they don’t get the approval from them and it discourages them. The reason why people are saying “talk to your spouse”,  talk to someone who has success, and get that information from them, except somebody who’s never been there.

The thing is when you talk about small businesses, I try to incorporate my career and our journey as becoming a professional basketball player. It’s a similar sense where there’s only a certain percentage of people who become pro. And there’s only a certain percentage of people in business who make it. In three to five years, 85% of people will be out of business. Talking about a restaurant like this where, maybe this won’t be here in three to five years, or they’ll change owners in three to five years. You just never know.

The R is NOT for Rejection

This R, people always think it’s rejection; no, it’s ridicule. You will get ridiculed for sharing people your dreams. My brother ridiculed me when I started my business. Couple of years later, he’s in a network marketing business. But he ridiculed me because he didn’t understand the concept of network marketing. It was a mindset. It’s about timing, too.

Of course, coming from somebody who’s close, like family, you struggle with it. You’re going to get ridiculed by your family and friends when you come up with an idea or you decide to change your life, and you have a vision where you want to go, but your family and friends see you as this person, you’re going to get ridiculed. You’re going to experience a lot of rejection, but you’ll get ridiculed as well.

There are times that you may have to step away from your family and find those people with the same vision as you, or a vision that’s going to help you get to the next level. If you focus a lot on looking for acceptance, approval, and then the ridicule and the rejection gets to you, you’re not going to make it. You won’t make it in any business if you’re looking for acceptance and approval or you don’t want to get ridiculed.

People care about social status instead of impacting people. You can either impact people, or care about your social status. If you care more about your social status, and you care about what people think about you as far as your product, opportunity, service, and get ridiculed for that and you take that to heart, you are never going to take any action.

If you want to impact people, and not looking for that approval or acceptance, and you know they are going to ridicule you, then you are going to impact more people, and not going to care about your social status. Your social status will be held by the people you impact, not by the people who don’t want to change your life.There will be people that ridicule you no matter what you do. There’s going to be people like that all day long. But from a mindset standpoint, what has worked for me and what I have taught others is that you focus on your vision.

In the video below I share a story about building that tough mindset and what the top 5% are doing.

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