Building Rapport With Customers and Being an Expert to your MLM Prospects

Ever wonder how to focus on building rapport and becoming an expert in the industry? The answer is, it depends.

Watch this short video on building rapport clarifications and becoming an expert before you have results.

How to build rapport

Here I talk about the key thing: everybody wants people to reach out to them about their business instead of going out there doing the selling themselves. I’m going to share with you some tactics on how you can do that.

Getting them on the phone.

You got to get your prospects on the phone. Social media, pictures, and videos are great, but once you get them on the phone, there’s a different connection that’s built. You’re real to that person now. So I’m going to share with you how to get them on the phone.

And then closing tactics. Closing them into your business or signing them up into your business.

The perfect prospect. This is why people struggle online because they don’t know who they are marketing to. They don’t know who the prospect is. They don’t know the person they mean to speak with. So you have to define who your perfect prospect is before you can start prospecting people because once you define who this is, everything else becomes simple.

A couple of places to look. You can look at Facebook groups, fan pages, etc.

Benefits of Building Rapport

This is important too, especially during election time when you had a lot of friends on social media, sharing their true colors. Looking at people’s Facebook status updates even helps you if you want to approach or speak to them about your business or not. Pick people making intelligent comments and look for specific characteristics. Active is key because you don’t want to be engaging with a prospect that’s not active in social media or in conversation.

Looking for characteristics of people, you want to make sure they are positive in the network marketing industry, you want to speak to people who are positive, people who are going somewhere.

People who are always talking negative, why would you want to work with them or have them as a client? It doesn’t make any sense. Make sure you focus on those positive, smart people. People who are smarter than you. Try to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you because you will get more out of them.

If I see that I’m the smartest person in the room, it’s time for me to change my surroundings. I want to always think bigger and look at people who are smarter and accomplished more in whatever it is I’m looking for.

What Should I Become an Expert In?

Think of the people, places, and things that have to do with your niche. If you’re selling travel, energy, a network marketing opportunity, think of places they will hang out. Think of those mlm companies out there where people are hanging out. Go to those groups and fan pages to start connecting.

Here’s the initial message to start a conversation. You send a personal message with their name. I would definitely use their name because it’s an extra step that they will appreciate. They will think that when someone’s reaching out to them, at least they took an extra step to know who I am. Make it as personal as possible.

Look at their profile, connection, and common ground.

This could be same industry, from the same town, same high school, networking group, any type of connection that you can find when you look at their profile.

Make the initial introduction personal, but do not, under any circumstances, give them any links, no matter what they are. There are a lot of people who do that, put their links in at the beginning, hoping that someone will click that link and watch their video or sign up without making any type of connection. It’s not going to work. 100% of the time. Even if they click it and see the presentation, they’re going to reach out to somebody they know in their area and then they’ll do the research themselves. So don’t send any links yet. I’ll tell you when you can.

Tell them why you’re messaging them. It’s the same thing like you met somebody out in public. You would ask them “what do you do?” It’s the same concept on social media.

A very simple initial message, to get a response.

It’s basically an introduction starter where I reach out to the person. I don’t pitch him; I genuinely want to know. I did some searching, my due diligence, found this person, and  wanted to reach out to him. So this is basically the initial message of how you would actually reach out to a prospect.

Treat social media like real life interaction

This is where most people struggle. They treat the internet differently than they treat real-life situations. If you want to build rapport with people, treat social media as if you’re going out there and meeting people.

Let me give you some basic things NOT to do. No sending links until somebody asks or they give you the go-ahead. The conversation should not be short messages. You want to get into details with the person. So if you’re giving one- or two-word answers, you’ll probably receive back one- or two-word answers. So when you’re asking questions, don’t use those that only require one-word answers. Similarly, if they ask you a question, don’t just give one- or two-word answers.

General rule, don’t pitch your mlm business before the first three messages back and forth, unless you’re asked. That’s just my rule. It’s probably like five to ten before I tell them about my business. But I do pitch my business. I’m not scared to tell people what I’m doing. There will be an opening where I can address my business and tell people what I’m doing.

Never get defensive. If someone is negative, just move on. On Facebook alone, there are 1.4 billion people. You don’t need 1.4 billion people to have a sustainable business. So just go to the next one. It’s not that big of a deal. You don’t need to get into a social media war with people.

So here are some basic rules to follow on building rapport with customers. Do make yourself out to be somewhat of an expert. The thing is that if you are immersed in your industry, and have information, you have the expertise already. Since you have the expertise, you can position yourself as an authority.

Do ask a lot of build rapport questions to keep the conversation going. If the conversation is going back and forth with them giving you details, continue the conversation. But if they give you one- or two-word answers, cut them off. Just keep on moving to the next one. No reason to hang around.

Bring your MLM business casually

Yes, you will pitch your mlm business and tell them what you do at a certain time. But bring it up casually. Don’t come off as the salesy salesperson. Bring it casually and let people know that this is what I’m doing, and see if they’re interested in your product or service.

Have content created to make you look credible. This could be videos, blogs, articles, etc. I’m with MLSP, and they help with that. If you have content on your Facebook, Twitter, or have videos showing you talking about specific problems in your industry, and you have these mlm prospects looking at your videos, it makes you look credible.

Even if you haven’t signed anyone up yet or even if you haven’t got one client yet. It makes you look credible because you’re putting value out there. You’re showing people you’re an expert in your field. So if you are creating videos or do a screenshot and talk about it, this makes you look credible. People come to your content and say you know what you’re talking about.

Have some type of content. If you don’t want to do videos, it could be a Facebook status where you can learn something. But the main thing is that I want you to take some type of action. If you learn something or something in your industry that you want to share, put it out there, and if you continue to do that over time, people will start looking at you as a credible authority.

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