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Can You Use Proximity Marketing For Multiple Businesses?

There is a shift occurring that you should be aware of. No longer is it a rumor or underground society that is kept in the corner. It’s mainstream and everyone is bearing witness. This post may help you understand.

Can You Use Proximity Marketing For Multiple Businesses?

proximity marketingLogically looking at each gem. Each gem represents each company, correct? If I have multiple companies that I own and I work as a self-employed person, I need multiple gems, correct?

Yes, yes and yes. For example, I have three gyms right now. I have a training business for basketball. I use one for my online business. And another one for mlm business.

You can use them however you want. Some businesses get three and use them all for one business. For example, the restaurant franchise, they have four gems and have placed one at each of their franchise, of their restaurant. Then market to the hundred yard radius within.

It’s up to you. There’s ideas you can use. Another example, I leave one at my gym, no pun intended :). But I leave one where I work out. And market to those members. I leave one there because I talked to the owner and he’s cool. I have one on me at all times. And usually I leave one over at PSA and Plano. I can market to those people who are looking for that service.

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