Cold Market Prospecting Formula

Looking to build your business in the cold market but don’t no the formula?

In today’s blog post, I will share the cold market prospecting formula that will help you talk to strangers and build your business.

Prospecting Family and Friends?

cold-market-prospectingIf you’ve “ran out” of your family and friends to talk with about your network marketing business and you have to go out there in the cold market to start looking for people to talk with about your network marketing business. This training will help you break the ice when cold market prospecting.

Number one is lead with a compliment. Its fairly simple, but it’s not always like that. When you are downtown around a lot of professionals and maybe scared to speak with them, it’s very simple. You lead with a compliment. If it’s something they are wearing you can say, “Hey, that’s a nice tie.” or “That’s a nice shoe.” Maybe if it’s a woman, “That’s a nice dress you have on.” Here is a blog I did on going out to prospect.You lead with a compliment. That’s a simple ice breaker where a person can respond, “Oh, thank you. I appreciate that.

Number two is start engaging and having a conversation with them. Where you are talking back and forth. “Where did you get those shoes?” Or “Hey, how long have you been down here downtown?” Or “What’s the best shops to go to?” You’re starting to engage and have a conversation with this individual so you can lower the resistance when you’re out cold market prospecting for your mlm business.

Number three is qualify them. This is very important. You want to qualify people for your business. How do you qualify them? Well, it’s simple. You start asking questions. If they  are in their corporate building or small business, you just simply ask questions. “How do you like that?” “How do you like working there?” “Oh, it’s good. I enjoy it.” You’re qualifying them to see if it’s a positive or a negative response.

Number four is the transition. You don’t want to carry this conversation out very long. You want to keep it really short. The transition is, “Hey, I’ve enjoyed the conversation. I really got to get going, but are you open to this side project if it didn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing? There’s a transition where you got to get going, but you ask them the question if they’re open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what they’re currently doing?

Number five is the takeaway. “It may or may not be for you, but if you give me your name and your information, then I can follow-up with you later.” Once you, have that takeaway and they may ask again, “Hey, well yeah it sounds good, but what is it?”

Number six is when you close. You want the closing to be, “Well, you know what? I really got to get going, I got to get to this meeting,” or “I got to get on this phone call, but if you give me your name and your information, I will shoot that over to you as fast as I can and I’ll follow-up with you afterwards. The video below I breakdown the video more in-depth. Check it out below.

Cold Market Prospecting Video

Was that video helpful for you? You are now equipped to do some cold market prospecting. Check out this course if your wanna master recruiting in your business. If this was beneficial please feel free to share with a teammate.

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