Content Creation Ideas: Create Content That Works

Got writers block and don’t know what to talk about. In this post I’m gonna share with you some content creation ideas that you can use for your blog.

Watch the video below to give you ideas how to create content.

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Two Types Of Content Creation You Can Use

I’m going to give you two tips in this blog on what to talk about when you wanna create content. One type of content that you can talk about is leads. There is always people in the network marketing industry looking for more mlm leads. They wanna know how to get more leads and sales in their business. Most of the time people will run out of family and friends to talk to about their business, then they go online. If you educate network marketers on how to get more leads, that is a great content creation idea that will work for you. If you don’t have leads, you don’t have a business. Period. They are the lifeline of your business, you need leads in your business. If you post something on how to get leads that will attract people to you.

Number two is training. Training is very important because people don’t know how to build a business online. They are searching and looking for education on the internet. You can become the source to this market by creating content. If you have some type of training that you can show them on how to build their business, share that information on your blog. For example, I’m in the network marketing industry and I post training on what’s working or not, what’s been successful and what results I have gotten. I post in different groups on social media. I’ll post different trainings, mlm prospecting tips, mlm recruiting tips, online marketing tips that has worked for me.

Different types of training that keeps on going on and keeps on growing. When you are providing training and value which is the concept of attraction marketing, you’re going to have more people reach out to you and asking you about your business. When you are providing training in the network marketing industry people will start reaching out to you and asking you how to build their business online.

Video on Content Creation Ideas

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