Is The Cost Of Retirement Expensive?

This blog post is a very special one for myself. I have a special guest that talks about the cost of retirement and how it can be expensive. The video post will explain how it can benefit you.

Who Is The Special Guest?

cost-of-retirementThis guest happens to be Marcus Warren. That’s right he is my brother. He is a financial advisor and an entrepreneur that has created a lot of success in his professional career. His company is J. Hagan Warren that he runs with his business partner. He also host a radio show “Racing to Retirement” radio show on 840 WHAS. Tune in every Sunday at 9:00AM EST for answers to your retirement questions.

He has been a person I’ve looked up to in the beginning and still do while building my network marketing business. He has done motivational speaking and training in his industry to help people reach their potential. You can follow him on Instagram.

Retirement Is Expensive Video

In the interview they discuss social security and your retirement. This short interview can give you some more insight on if cost of retirement is expensive and suggestions that may apply.

Your Feedback

I know this post is VERY different than my normal stuff but I believe that MOST people are not prepared for retirement and have no idea what their options are, do you like me talking about this sort of thing? Was this post helpful? Please comment below, if this is not beneficial to you, don’t worry, I’ll get back to the regularly scheduled program of teaching you how to grow your network marketing business tomorrow but again would love to hear your feedback if this helped you. By the way, I have already been getting asked on my facebook page to share with you who I use for a financial planner. Leave me a comment and I will have him reach out to you (if you think that would be beneficial).

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