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Create a Vision for Your Network Marketing Business

Do you want a vision that gets you out of bed in the morning?

Here I share what you need to do create a vision for yourself in your network marketing business.

Create a Vision for Your Network Marketing Business

create a visionThe first thing when you started in your network marketing business,I share is that you have to have a vision. Michael Beckwith is a speaker out of LA and his quote is… “Pain will push you until a vision pulls you.” And the reason why people struggle is because they don’t have a vision.

They don’t vision themselves on a Tuesday afternoon, 10 years from now on a beach, with their family, on vacation with their spouse, etc. They haven’t crafted a vision yet. If you haven’t crafted a vision of what your business is going to look like within the next five or 10 years, you’re going to struggle, because you’re not going to be consistent nor keep up with daily routines that you have to do every single day to keep moving your business forward.

You will continue to procrastinate and put it off. When you start making those excuses in your mind is because you don’t have a vision. You have to make sure that you craft out your vision first before you even start any type of marketing plan.

Get into Action

create a visionThat’s highly recommended because action is better than inaction. I was talking to my business coach and he said, “The most important thing that you can do, number one, is the right thing. Number two, is the wrong thing, but number three, is nothing.” At least you’re doing the wrong thing, you’re learning and making more mistakes. And then you’ll move to the right things.

There’s a good thing about network marketing and a bad thing about network marketing. The good thing is that everyone can do it. The bad thing is that everyone can do it. The person who has no business experience and never marketed, that is giving the whole network marketing a bad name. That’s why some people are not against marketing as the industry.

They are against network marketers because the way it’s promoted. My goal is to change the vision of the network marketing industry because people are looking at network marketing and think slimy salesmen. They think that this is a scam.

My goal is to change the vision of that and bring the vibrations up. The difference is it’s a lower cost of entry. That’s all the difference. You need to make sure that you are crafting a vision, write it in a journal, have a dream board.

Craft a vision for yourself and see how you want your business and your lifestyle to look. Then how you see yourself in a year, three years, 10 years.

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