Difference Between Entrepreneur Mindset Vs Employee Mindset

Let’s face it, those of us in Network marketing know it is a better way than the traditional working for someone else, however, we sometimes struggle to get our point across to communicate with those in J.O.B’s. This blog, with some help from my friends, will help you greatly with the process of talking to those with the employee mindset about a home business.

Employee vs Entrepreneur Mindset

entrepreneur-mindsetI was having a discussion with a woman the other day and she was telling me about her job and she didn’t have the entrepreneur gene inside of her but she had a lot of respect for people who do have the entrepreneur mindset inside of them, who do want to make that transition. She said, “Well, it’s hard to make that transition because everything is on yourself.” The reality is it is about you, and putting more responsibility on you. In network marketing there’s a lot of leverage there where you can leverage your team, tools and systems and your time.

First of all, how to make that employee into the entrepreneur mindset. First of all, they just have to want it. If they’re an employee the farthest thing from their mind is owning a business, then you won’t speak with them about the network marketing business because most employees, after high school have read less than one book after high school. That’s crazy to me. When you speak with entrepreneurs all the time and they are reading two and three books a month. That’s something serious.

That’s a total mind shift for making that employee to the entrepreneur mindset, and it is uncomfortable for employees. Employees, they feel that security and so they don’t want to leave that security to start their own business but they have to want to. Wanting to is uncomfortable, you have to step out of your comfort zone because you are in a comfort zone as an employee. If you want to shift them to that entrepreneur it’s uncomfortable and a lot of people don’t want to do that. There’s people want to “dip their toe” in the entrepreneur world, but then they go running back to their job so they have to want to do that.

Now, if they want to do that then I would suggest giving them resources. Give them a book like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Another entrepreneur author is Gary Vaynerchuk, anything by Gary Vaynerchuk, give them a resource like that or “Go Pro” with Eric Worre. All these different entrepreneur books, well Gary Vaynerchuk’s not geared towards network marketing but he’s an entrepreneur. Gives them a tool or resource or a book like that. Something on personal development to at least have them open the door to what the entrepreneurial life is and how entrepreneurs think. Watch the video below to get more insight.

Was that helpful? You have a better insight on the entrepreneur mindset and the employee one? As mentioned in the video if you are ready to make the transition, click here and learn how to fire your boss.

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