Do Networking Events Help Build Network Marketing Businesses?

Often times people ask me “Do networking events help me build my network marketing business?”

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Do You Find Networking Helps Your Business, in What You Do?

It’s everything about my business. And… not just my business but what I’m teaching. When you are networking, and with the internet now, we are able to reach people and connect with people in our current network AND people we have not met yet. It’s a way for us to brand ourselves and get out there.

If you are active networking, which most don’t because a lot of people want people to come to them. They’re just waiting for business… I like the Will Smith quote: “If you stay ready, you don’t got to get ready.” So a lot of people are waiting to get ready and waiting for that perfect client or customer to come to them.

But with networking, that’s something in your control. You can go out to events and meet people. There are networking groups out there,, all these different resources you go out there and meet people. Depending on what your industry is, you can get really specific with the internet.

For example, a business coach, spiritual coach, or a person who writes visions. There are groups and people out there that you can connect with just like that, rather than go into a networking event that you are talking about something that you have nothing in common with. So networking is everything. You gotta connect with people.

From Networking Event to Radio Show

What’s crazy about this whole situation is because we met at a networking event, we connected, you’re insurance at the time. It’s been about a year, and then things have changed. You sold your business, and now you have a radio show and magazine. That’s the point of networking. People want the instant gratification when they’re building a network marketing business. And that’s not gonna happen. Everything is meant to happen when it happens. And that’s really the importance of networking.

Video: Do Networking Events Help Build Network Marketing Businesses?

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