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Do This First If You Run Facebook Ads

About two weeks ago I was asked by my friends who would be interested in getting some traffic and exposure from Facebook that was willing to boost a post on Facebook Ads. About 30 people were in the room and share in the video below boosting strategies vs targeting strategies.

Heads up…

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Boosting Ads vs Target Ads

Is it an indicator that when you upload a video and Facebook want you to boost it, make it valuable? Or they only trying to get money?

Depending on what it is. If it’s something where it’s a picture of you and your family, then don’t drive traffic to that. But if it’s something where people are reading your article or watching your video, yeah. You can even take it a step further before you even run ads to it. Have a group of five to 10 people who will comment, like, share what you post, create that article/video, send it to them first to get that engagement right away, and once you get that engagement, and then you can go ahead and start running ads to it. Does that make sense?

I hope you have enjoyed this post and taken away some new ideas for your Facebook marketing.

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