Entrepreneur Mindset Vs Business Opportunity Seekers

Do you have an entrepreneur mindset or are you a business opportunity seeker? In todays post I’m gonna share with you how they think the EXACT opposite from each other.

The Entrepreneur Mindset Shift

entrepreneur-mindsetThe big mindset shift. Understand that this is a mental shift that you have to make if you are going to be in business. Most people come into this industry, network marketing, online marketing, work from home, make money from home, because they are struggling or have some financial difficulties that are going on in their life. They look to create some income to solve those problems. The problem with that is is that they’re not serving anyone. It doesn’t help them create a long term, sustainable, and successful business. It is really important that the shift in your minds from that business opportunity seeker to an entrepreneur mindset, and learn how to operate your business and life, as entrepreneurs.

The Difference Between The Two

Starting with the business opportunity seekers. The biz-opp seekers are the employed mindset. They don’t have no strategy, no plan and seeking a quick fix. They are looking for something that’s going to work right now. Seeking answers, wanting instant results. They are fearful of spending money rather than investing it in themselves, or investing in their business.

They wish it was easier. Whether it’s network marketing or online marketing, and they are all fired up and excited, but when they have to start working it, they wish this was easier. They try everything. They jump from company to company. They start and stop. They’ll start something, and then they’ll stop. Maybe you can relate to some of this stuff, but this is the employee mindset.

The entrepreneur mindset. They are very strategic and detailed. They have a very strategic and a very detailed plan. Not only do they have a strategic and detailed plan, they implement their plan. This is huge. They provide an answer. They’re not looking for answers. They are the ones that are providing the answers. They have a long term vision and focus. They don’t go into looking for that quick result. When they start a new business, they know it’s going to take a few months, or even years, to actually build a business that’s going to last and be sustainable and successful.

They understand investment. They understand that they have to continue to invest in themselves, or put money into their business, and then get an ROI in their business. They work on becoming better. They work on their skills, and learn new skills, so they can become better. They say, “No.” This is a huge one because the biz-opp seeker, are trying everything. The entrepreneur develop in their mind to be disciplined enough to say no. They don’t go out there and try every program or jump into every company. They get discipline, and say no.

Maybe you can relate with this stuff. Maybe you can understand the entrepreneur mindset, and how they think versus the business opportunity seekers. You have 2 choices. In the video below you will get a better understanding.

Was that video helpful? You understand the shift you have to make if you are serious about having an entrepreneur mindset? I hope so. Make sure you check out how my buddy made the shift and fired his boss right here.

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