Facebook Marketing Tips: 3 Types Of Facebook Ads

Am I a Facebook marketing guru? Far from it but I have picked up some Facebook marketing tips from a good friend of mine Michelle Pescosolido. People question me about generating leads on Facebook and I followed her 3 types of Facebook ads that she creates constantly. FYI, she is a 6 figure earner and she did it in 6 months. SO, this video below I share may help you!

Why generate leads with Facebook?

facebook-marketing-tipsNext time you are at a network marketing or home business meeting, ask the people there how many of them have Facebook. That is RIGHT, this is why you should considering generating leads with Facebook whether it is through PPC(pay-per-click) or aggressive prospecting. In today’s video I give you 3 Facebook marketing tips on ads.

3 Types Of Facebook Ads Video

Was that video helpful? Did you find value in those Facebook marketing tips? If you did feel free to share it with someone who will benefit from it. Also if you wanna master Facebook ads, you may wanna check out her course here, she is a rock star marketer and gives you the step-by-step blueprint and proper strategies for lead generation and making sales on Facebook.

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