Facebook Marketing Tips On Generating Targeted Leads

Inside this free webinar I did, you will learn some powerful Facebook marketing tips that will help you generate leads and attract more people to you!

Watch the webinar below to learn the proper way to use Facebook for marketing.

Facebook Fan Page Marketing?

facebook-marketing-tipsThe importance on a Facebook fan Page is not how many likes you can get. There are marketers who go out there and buy likes, which I highly suggest you don’t do. What is way more important part is engagement. If you are building a fan page make sure you are engaging with your fans. I share more about this in the webinar below.

Do you NEED a fan page to be a successful network marketer? Of course not. There are other strategies you can use on Facebook but if you decide to do it the right way I’ll give you some Facebook marketing tips that will get you started.

NOTE: If you do any Facebook marketing, check out this tool, this will help leverage your time and get more leads and sales in targeted Facebook groups.

A Key Ingredient When Using Facebook Marketing

The key ingredient and biggest of my Facebook marketing tips is to raise curiosity instead of trying to sell. Amateurs and newbies continually post capture pages in Facebook groups and on their own profile all day long. Here is the thing, as soon as the curious person clicks it and sees it is a capture page, they close it and don’t even bother reading it. You will NOT generate leads this way. I will talk about this in the webinar below.

Facebook Marketing Tips Video

It takes awhile to build an engaged audience but you stick to the principles I talk about in that video and you WILL start to see some reaction! If you are spamming, you may get in Facebook jail! You can check out this blog I did on how to stay out.

So whether you are doing Facebook fan page marketing or not, that webinar can help you get more likes, comments and leads to you. If you enjoyed these simple Facebook marketing tips, please share this on Facebook (it’ll help out some of those poor spammers) and comment below!

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