Facebook PPC For Beginners

Yesterday I did a free training with a group of entrepreneurs on Facebook PPC or Facebook Pay-Per-Click.

If you are just starting out on Facebook and looking to generate an extra 5-10 leads in a day, this video will show you how!

Getting Leads Easy AND Fast!

facebook-ppcIf you are a beginner, I have an amazing marketing maven is getting over 25 new fans and over 36 anxious-to-join leads from Facebook PPC every single day. She’s obviously doing something right!!

She has an informative webinar where she’s not holding back on HOW at all. She lets the cat right out of the bag, and it’s really not complicated and is very newbie friendly. Find out EXACTLY what she’s doing right now when you CLICK HERE.

What is Inside this Training and Should You Watch It

IF you are wanting to get more leads QUICKLY, then you should definitely watch it. Here’s what is inside:

  • The Basic Priniples setting up you Facebook PPC campaigns, creating your Fan Page and building images.
  • How to have a Foundation of a converting Fan Page so you won’t get your ads disapproved. (This strategy people in in their business.)
  • Gets Fans Quickly & Build Audience for attracting new leads that allows you to only attract motivated prospects who know the value of what you’re offering.
  • Facebook Ads that are super simple to create. Crazy when you find out how easy this is.
  • Making Your Page Go Viral on this webinar it will reveal how to get leads and have your friend’s friends engaging on your page.

Video Replay of Facebook PPC For Beginners

IF you want to learn more my marketing friend, check out her webinar here. IF you got some good Facebook PPC tips today, be sure to comment below and you can also share with anyone you feel could use some help with Facebook and generating leads.

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