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First Step to Online Network Marketing

This video got a lot of people curious about online network marketing.

Today I share the first step to help you learn more about generating leads using online network marketing strategies that I have used.

1.0 is Better Than 0.0

online network marketingThe first step is building your audience.

My suggestion is just get started, put content out. Thats best way to build an audience… There are two ways. If you have the budget, do Facebook “Like” ads.

Facebook “Like” ads only works if you have a target. For example you are realtor, if you create a Facebook “Like” campaign for an area, You’ll get impressions but the problem with that is it’s not targeted.

If I’m home an owner, your target would be someone who’s ready to sell or buy a house. But if you’re not targeting those people, or people who are looking, then you’re wasting your money and time.

Are You Targeting Everybody?

That’s the problem. When you’re targeting everyone, you get no one. That’s marketing 101. When you start targeting everybody, throwing something against the wall, to see if it sticks, you are not going to get anyone. It’s really important that you define your avatar. Your avatar is your target market. Who is it that you want to help? What problem do they have, and how are you going to help them solve it? It’s very simple.

Once somebody “Likes” your business page, you can start building your audience. Then you run Facebook ads straight to your audience on your page.

You can do Facebook ads on people who “Like” your Facebook page and their friends who “Like” it… and the friends of their friends will see your ad too. This is a way you can start building your audience in your online network marketing journey. That’s the beauty with social media, because it can be Referral Marketing on steroids, when you use it properly.

The best way to build your audience is provide value.

Remember, IF you want to get good at something, it takes practice and taking the time to learn this new craft. Hope this helps!

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