Four Simple Ways to Get Traffic to Your Site

This post shares (4) secret ways to get traffic to your site. If you ever wanted more leads and sales, you need to get more traffic and this post will help.

How to Get More Traffic

Everybody thinks they need more traffic. If you think, “I get more traffic, I get more conversions,” that’s not the case.

1. Social Media. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram. Instagram will keep traffic on their app, you have to be a bit more clever about that. I suggest you put your main website on your bio, but then once you create images, send them to the blog. Social media is a great way to do that. Google+, if you have an audience that gives you a lot of leverage on Google+, then over time, you start getting your website to rank more. If you continue to put your content on Google, then this website becomes more relevant. So Google+ is a great place to put content.

2. Backlinks. There are a lot of different tools I use. Social bookmarks and backlinks. What they do is there are software that says your website is real. Google has these spiders that crawl all over the internet, and the more backlinks and social bookmarks that you have, Google will say this website is relevant. As long as you continue to put good content out. Bad marketers would put a lot of keyword stuffing, and would try to rank on the first page. They put in penguin, panda, and hummingbird. Bad marketers are only trying to make money quick and go away. If you get bookmarks and backlinks, it says your website is relevant for Google to rank you.

3. Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Make sure that when we’re creating content, people are searching for what it is they are looking for. That’s what SEO is. It’s having keywords in there where people end up finding your stuff. I mentioned You can type backlinks, social bookmarks into Fiverr, and they will drive traffic for you. You pay $5, they drive the bookmarks and backlinks for you. You can hire that out too.

4. Greatest driver of traffic is consistency. The goal of marketing is not to be able to spend less but to spend more. I always give this example, if you give me a dollar, I give you two dollars back, how many times would you give me a dollar? Same thing in marketing. You pay a dollar, and it brings your dollar fifty back, you want to continue paying as much dollars as you can and get as much money back as you can.

When people think about marketing, they think about spending. They want to spend less, and don’t want to spend that much. My suggestion I always do is, use that money to get results, whether it’s leads, sales, or data, which is the most important. Let’s say you spend $100 a week to drive traffic to your blog. Get that data. See what works and see what doesn’t work, and then you can see “Do I need to spend less or do I need to spend more?”

Get your delicious bowl of traffic here and follow the instructions, be sure to share your results as well.

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