How to Get Started with Online MLM Prospecting

Today you will learn how to get started with Online MLM prospecting to build your team and customer base.

If you have ever wanted to use the Internet to grow your network marketing business, this will help!

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How to Get Started with Online MLM Prospecting

In the network marketing space, but I want you business owners to get the same idea. Fill your relationship pipeline.

This includes inviting 10 new friends per day. With social media, this is simple. Reach out to 5 to 10 people every single day. I did a webinar on social media prospecting where I taught this exact thing. What to say, how to say it, when to send personal messages, stuff like that. We’ll get to the details. But you want to be filling your relationship pipeline every single day.

As a business owner, you have to think that you are planting seeds every single day. What do I have to do to plant seeds?

You could tell the people who are professionals and who are first time members because networkers haven’t been trained how to network. Most of the people who are networking are still employees and they haven’t been trained and taught how to network, how to build rapport.

They have to focus on themselves because they hate their jobs. It’s like I’m going to make some sales and get out of this job. So you need to keep filling the relationship pipeline.

Do Some Research While Online MLM Prospecting

Five to ten new friends per day. Send them a personal message. Don’t be lazy in this aspect, especially on social media. If you are reaching out to people, check out the timeline.

If somebody doesn’t have a picture profile in their social media, I’m not going to talk to them. If they are not smiling, or it’s a picture of their company, I’m not going to talk to them because why would I want to connect with that? So don’t be lazy here.

If you want to send people personal messages, do a lot of research first. Check out their timeline and start building that connection with them. If you are a business owner and have a family, put your family. If you are single and like to travel, you’d like to connect with somebody who’s traveling.

Find something that’s on the timeline and reach out to them like, “Hey, how are you doing? I see that you are in network marketing. How long have you been doing it?”

If the timeline is on the negative side or full of sales stuff, then probably you don’t want to connect with them. You can even take a step further and comment. Because if you leave a comment, that’s a way for everyone to check out your timeline and see your business.

How Many People You Need To Search To Get to Your Number

If you know your target market, five or ten people will be simple to get into. Know what your product is and know who your product serves, then there’s a niche out there for you. You just go to that niche where people are hanging out.

It could be groups, pages, people who they follow, forums. It doesn’t have to be social media. If you know your target market, those profiles are very simple to find.

For example, I was going to XYZ company in network marketing, I want to sell them an info product or see if they are open to another business opportunity. I would go to their profile that’s already in the XYZ company and I can start building a relationship with them through that. Does that make sense?

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