How I Learned To Be An Entrepreneur

Here is a powerful story of what one person CAN learn.

If you are going searching for mentors and/or entrepreneurs this story will hopefully inspire you to keep going.

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Learn to be an Entrepreneur

My older brother, he’s an entrepreneur. I remember coming home for the summer, after the season and he owns ten tax businesses, I called him, “Hey, I want to come up there. I want to learn and see what it is you are doing.”

To learn some skills. I went up there, spent six months up there to see what he was doing. Watching his daily methods of operation(DMOs). Something that I learned from him. Then I was taking the stuff I learned from him and start applying that in my business as well.

There are different entrepreneurs and mentors that I was following to see and I would test it. If it didn’t fit me, I didn’t do it. If it was something I could implement I would do it.

Video of How I Learned to be an Entrepreneur

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