How To Answer Is This Multi Level Marketing

Been asked the question, Is this network marketing or multi-level marketing? If you haven’t, you will. Here’s how to answer that question.

Watch the below video if you want to be more postured and poised when it comes to prospects questioning multi-level marketing.

Maintain Your Poise

multi-level-marketingIn ALL of handling of the objections you come across when it comes to multi-level marketing, I highly suggest that keep you poise and maintain your posture.

If you are in this business you create a leveraged, residual income then multi-level marketing makes a lot of sense AND you will be able to create a lifestyle you want.

Before I get into how I answer the question in the video below, you may wanna check out this video here where I answered the question, “Is network marketing a scam?”

Video: Is this Multi-Level Marketing?

Was that helpful? It’s not success that gave me an attitude, it is this attitude that helps me get to success. When you get to choose to stop fear from holding you back, you will become more powerful. Feel free to share this with teammates and comment below if you got value.

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