How To Build Consistent Content For Your MLM Business

How do you build consistent content for your mlm business?

In this training I share exactly how to build content to attract your perfect prospect.

Build Consistent With Your Content Creation

Content could be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, Blogging, etc. I come across people who will start creating content and after four months they are confused why am they are NOT a millionaire? Well, you are online. People don’t know you yet. You are in the process of getting people to trust you.

If you create content, you need to spend that time and money to create content, and make you more money. It will take more of your time, but it’s gonna make you a lot more money because they take a lot of your profit in Groupon. But you do have to be consistent.

When I say consistent, it could be a weekly, daily is the best but a lot of people aren’t disciplined enough to do daily. It could be weekly, monthly, but that’s as far as that will go. One piece of content a month. If you are doing that, then you’re going to start separating yourself from everybody else in the industry because they’re not doing it.

Separate Yourself From Competition

If you are being consistent with your content, giving value and sharing that with your audience, over time you will start separating yourself from competition. An example, Kobe Bryant has a video called “Because of 4am.” Has anybody read or heard about it yet? He’d get up at 4am and be in the gym by 6:30. Do his workout two or three hours, then go home, eat, recover. Be back at the gym at 11 and go from 11 to 1. Go home again, recover, eat, then be at the gym again by 6pm.

He would start doing that, and none of his peers were doing it and over time if they try to catch up, they’d never catch up to him because him being consistent over time. He was able to separate himself from his peers of how consistent he was. One of the things I teach for my basketball team is simple. I try to set goals for them. What I do is suggest to them, make 100 shots a day. Let’s break it down. We’ll have 50 shots on this goal, 50 shots on this goal. Still a lot? Let’s make it even simpler. We got 5 spots right there. Take 10 at this spot, in 5 different spots, then go on the other side, do the exact same thing. I break it down simple.

It’s the exact same thing here when you build your content. Here is a blog I did on ways you can create content and never run out of content. If you want to do a weekly blog, podcast, post, schedule out. Example, every Monday, I do a video and talk about a tip in your industry. Wanna be more specific? In network marketing, for this month, this month every Monday, I’m gonna talk about prospecting. Next month, talk about recruiting. The month after, talk about marketing. The next month, talk about how to market on Facebook, get a little bit more specific.

You can do that and if you do that over time, you will have a whole bunch of blog posts and videos online. Over time, the person trying to catch up with you, won’t ever catch up. I want to be the expert and authority. Does that make sense?

What To Do When Struggling To Be Consistent With Content

Struggling to be consistent with content OR are you being pulled in many directions?  In the video below I share my secret tips for pushing out daily content.

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