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How to Convert Your MLM Leads to Sales

So you got some MLM leads, what do you do now? That is a very common question. This quick blog post will cover how to convert as many MLM Leads as possible into sales.

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Convert Your MLM Leads to Sales

You are wanting to get mlm leads. The reason why you put time into getting leads is to turn them into conversions. I’ve spoke with bloggers who say, “I just want to share my message with the world.”  “Yeah, that’s great. Now how do you monetize it?” “No, I don’t want to make any money off of it.”

That doesn’t register, or make any sense to me. If you’re putting your free time into events, webinars, and books. They add up, they’re not cheap. It’s a priority for you as a business owner to monetize and convert those leads.

When they come through your sales funnel, like or comment on a post. Reach out to them and ask, “Hey, what is it that you liked about my post?” Start building that relationship right away. See if they want your product, opportunity or service.

In the beginning when I was putting my sales funnels out there, I was waiting for them to go through the whole sales funnel, or put their name and information before I reached out to them. Now if they like something or they comment on it, I’m talking to them right away.

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