How To Create Content For Your Audience

What do you do to create content?

In this training I will share how to put out content for your audience.

Creating Content For Your Audience

create contentI’m a big believer on creating content, but if you are not ready to create content, get in front of the camera, not the best writer, nor don’t like the sound of your voice, you can leverage other people’s content. I encourage it.

If you want to start separating yourself from your competition, especially in your industry, you have to be a content creator. You will have to learn how to create content. It’s a skill that I would highly encourage you want to learn. Because what ends up happening is that people will create content for a month, maybe four months, and they’re not getting the traction that they want, and they’re like, “Oh, it doesn’t work.”

People that I follow, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ray Higdon, Eric Worre. These people who have not just have created content over years, but today still creating content. You have to look at your business as a long-term strategy. You’re not creating content one day and then hoping that that one video is going to bring you in multiple six figure incomes. However if you’re creating content over time, one video can bring you in a six-figure or seven-figure income because it’s that accumulation of everything. It’s not one video that’s going to do that.

What am I Supposed to Create Content About?

  • Events/Webinars. If you’re going to events, there’s a guy that told me this and I took it to heart. He told me that when you are going to events, take notes. Then when you take notes, turn those notes into content. Right after the event. He said, “Because if you’re not doing that, those are uncashed paychecks.”

At first, I was like, “What are you talking about?” But he talked about a little bit further and said, “Yeah, when you are going to these events, take notes from that event or webinars. From those webinars/events, you turn around and educate people.” 

Yes you are networking, but what are they talking about at these events? They are talking about the problems that people have AND information that people may not know, who you can help. When you go to the events, there might be 300 to 500 people at an event. Out of those 500 people, how many more people can that those people impact if they are turning those events notes into content online? It could be a lot more people. It could be 3,000, 300,000, or three million. The thing is a lot of people go to those events as consumers and they don’t go to them as entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs go to those events and say, “Okay, how can I consume this then turn around and teach it to my people that I want to help?” Instead of consumers who go to those events, take notes and say, “Oh my gosh, that was great. I’m all hyped up.” Then they get home and ask themselves, “Okay, what do I do?”

  • Books. In your industry, books is a great way to create content. Those personal development books can be turned that into content. Don’t plagiarize.
  • Past Notes. If you go to an event and took past notes but never turn it into online content, you can go ahead and go back to your old notes and create content that way.
  • Coaching call. One of your clients or somebody in your downline, upline. Somebody you got off the phone with and they had questions. Again, think as an entrepreneur. If one person has this question, I’m sure more people do, because people are Googling all the time. As soon as you get off the coaching call, maybe you take a note. Boom, you turn on your audio or video or Facebook live and create content.

Watch the video below because in the video I share how you can take the pressure of yourself when creating content.

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