How to Create Culture With Your MLM Blog Using Social Media

Want to increase engagement and results with your mlm blog?

Here’s my suggestions for anyone who uses Instagram, Facebook page or is thinking about starting one.

Creating a Culture With Your MLM Blog

When you are creating content, your mlm blog is your island, and that’s where you put all your content. What are the different ways to get people to my mlm blog?

If you are doing this right, and have an audience of people who can trust you, and have an audience of people you targeted. I listened to a video the other day. It was Gary Vee, and he said that people just want more followers. It’s important because people want to know how many followers I get. Okay, on IG if I have 26,000 followers. How do I get to 100,000 followers?

The thing is if you have 100,000 followers and you have 200 people who are engaging, that’s not good business. But if you have 1,000 followers and you have 800 people engaging, that’s a community where people trust you, love you, whatever you put out there, they’re sharing it, they like. If you put stuff for sale, they’re going to buy it.

Build a Community

It’s not about the number of followers you have per se; it’s the community and engagement is what’s more beneficial. For example, if you have 100k followers on IG and 60k of them either watch your story, comment, like, send you a direct message. That’s a great community. If you start putting mlm blog posts, “Hey, go check out our blog post!” only from IG, that is certain percentage of the traffic you’re getting every time you post a blog post, so this is really good.

I study this industry and where social media is going.  For example, I watch my nephew and other kids where their eyeballs are. I see the way they are using it and interacting, how they think.

Change is going to happen, so you have to evolve with the change instead of being stuck in your ways. People still build network marketing business from scratch, doing nothing but networking. They say, “I’m not going to use social media. I’m going to network my way to the top.” And it works for them, and IS still duplicatable.

The thing is with a MLM Blog, they can expedite it, when you are building your brand, you can reach a lot more people. Because with blogging, website, and articles, most people think locally. Start thinking about the world market.

Use MLM Blog to Build Email List

Email is the most valuable thing. That’s the asset that you’re building. I love all these social media, where it’s going, how you can leverage it, but this building your email list is the key is to use these to not just get to your blog. When people come to my blog, I have sign-up sheets to sign up people to my list. So people who come to my blog who are new to all these different social media platforms, I have offers on my blog because I want them on my list. I

It’s a different mindset because, I have this unsubscribe button. So if you email somebody, you can get off. Not like, when I started, I just used Gmail, and then they’ll take me off the list and I had to go search for them to take them off.

An example, it’s football season, so the GEICO commercial have all these different campaign. They are spending millions upon millions of dollars to get on TV so they can sell that when you are ready to buy something. That’s where you want to go and why this right here is so important.

If I pitch somebody to join my business and they say no, and I’m giving them updates on what’s going on in my business, then all of a sudden, when they’re ready, they can reach out to me. So if they’re searching, or if they’re not happy with their company, then I want to be in front of the mind. Obviously, it’s not going to work 100% of the time. But, that’s the strategy behind it. You want to continue marketing people. I’m not saying pitch your business opportunity every single time. You can send them updates, you can send them training, valuable training, you can send them blog posts, you can send them videos, you can send them anything because they want to be on your list. Send one per day or five per week or whatever. It’s just a reminder like, hey, we’ve got a lot here. And then you can either send them to some training or when you start selling something, like, hey, we got a new update. This is a discount price. I just want to let you know. Or whatever. That’s why I said these two right here are the most valuable things online that you can have. Because you own them. Call me a control freak or whatever.

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