How To Create Proximity Marketing Campaign With Royaltie?

When searching for the best way to build your home based business, you may run into a couple options, affiliate marketing and network marketing.Which one can generate a larger income? In the video in this post I will get into the affiliate marketing side with Royaltie.


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Ad Content Inside Royaltie

Can you get into a little bit about if there is a max character for a little ad? What can you create as far as emojis and graphics on an app platform?

You got up to 40 characters where you can broadcast your message and can use emojis. The way to use it is to put a message and then point with an emoji to a link below. Explained in the video below.

Your website, it would be linked to whatever website you have. If you have your own website or a customized website through your company, you could send them to that website where it shows you. Thats branding.  You can send them anywhere you want. You are NOT able put phone numbers.

It won’t let you do phone number, but you can create a link, a business card link, inside your back office, and then you can direct them straight to that website where it has your picture and email.

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