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How To Define Your Target Audience In Network Marketing

Are you grinding away at your business wondering who it is I’m supposed to be targeting?

Here I will share tips on what actions you need to be focused on to build your network marketing company.

Defining Your Target Audience

target audienceDoes everyone know who their target market is? Who benefits from your product or service? This is a question you gotta ask yourself rather you looking at your product or you have a service, start asking yourself who can benefit from this? It drives me crazy especially as a marketer. Everybody has skin, everybody wants to be thinner, faster, and look good. Everybody might need it but everybody doesn’t want it.

If you create videos about what people want and what people are searching for, it’s gonna take you to another level. It’s a total mind shift because you can sell something to somebody once. You can tell them that they NEED it, but they will most likely say, “No I’m good.” But somebody who wants it and who’s searching for it, that’s a totally different mindset.

Where does your target audience hang out?

Online or offline? is a good place to search for people. When talking about forums online. I go to networking forums all the time. What’s beneficial about this is that there’s people asking those questions, and when they are asking those questions, think to yourself, okay, there are people asking this question, so how can I leverage this? I can take those people who are asking and I can turn that into video content. Because if two or three people asking those questions in those network marketing forums, I can turn that into video content and put it on YouTube or Facebook. And I can leverage my time because I know over time, there would be more people coming to that video. Does that make sense?

Leaders In Your Industry

Who do you look up to? Popular figures, leaders, celebrities? In your industry, think about the top producers in your industry. On Facebook, you can go to those pages. For example, Eric Worre is one of the top people in my industry, I go there and I start connecting with people on his page, think about the questions they are asking, get ideas and turn around and leverage that as a video.

You can do the same thing in your industry. Ask yourself “Who’s this in my industry that everybody’s going to, who is it that people are searching for?” Look for those people, and then you start getting ideas on how you start creating those videos. What worries them or keeps them up at night? This can bring you in business forever. For example, in network marketing, one pain point is mlm leads. We’re taught to go to a warm market, and keep on going through that list. So a common problem people run into is, who do I talk to about my business? Where do I go find people?

If you look at my side bar, those are problems that my target audience and I’m able to offer solutions and resources to them. I can start marketing and building relationships. Does that make sense?

Check out the video below as I share another example of defining your target audience.

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