How To Earn Online Your First Thousand Dollars

Are you still struggling to make money online? What about earning your first sale?

In today’s blog post I’m gonna share with you a simple way on how to earn online. These tips will help you in your online journey.

Two Things To Have In Place Before You Earn Online

how-to-earn-onlineIf you are working a network marketing business and building your business online, I’ll share with you how to earn online from zero to a thousand dollars in your business. This will depend on the work you put in but I’ll share a two step formula. The two reasons why people struggle with going from zero to a thousand. One is their belief, and two is their self image.

First, your belief. They don’t believe in themselves or in the business model. If you are not going to believe in yourself or in this business model, then this is just not going to work for you. If you don’t believe you can do this, then you’re going to struggle for a long time, and you are definitely in the wrong business. You need to get that belief system in order. Second, your self image. Most people care about what people think about them. Is that helping other people if you are NOT sharing your business opportunity? You are the messenger. You are sharing with people a message and other option available, not keeping it for yourself. What people going to think about me if I share with this with them or what if I get that no? You have to erase that. Get rid of your self image and turn it around. Look at it as helping people, sharing with people, and get rid of your self image.

How To Earn Online In Your Business

The two things on how to earn online and go from zero to a thousand. One is multiple streams. The way that I’ve been able to grow my business online and offline is this two step formula. One is that when I present people with my business opportunity and they say no to me, I’ve been able to create multiple stream of income by asking a simple question. How do you generate leads online for your business? Ninety-eight percent(an educate guess) of the people who are online have no idea how to do this. They have no idea how to generate leads online for your business. With me simply asking that question, it has created another stream of income for me. It will help you keep you in the game longer. I’d suggest you having a multiple stream of income, most people only have the network marketing opportunity, and then when people say no to them, then they’re on to the next one. Why not profit from the ninety percent of people who are going to say no to you anyways?

Number two is invest, learn, teach. You want to invest in yourself, then turn around to learn what you invested in the finally teach. Most people, they stop right there after they learn. This will start attracting people to you because you are providing them value. When you provide them value, they are gonna look for you, instead of going out there and being lost in internet land. Make sure you get that invest, learn, teach concept in your business.

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