How To Generate Leads When New To Network Marketing

Are you just starting out and not sure how to generate leads? If you are wanting to take your business online I’m gonna share the fastest way you can more mlm leads and sales to your business. This blog post will help.

Are You On Snapchat?

how-to-generate-leadsGary Vaynerchuk recently said, “If you’re running a business in 2016, you need to be thinking about snapchat as a channel to grow your customer base, period.” If you are on snapchat, here is my channel where you can follow me. Also, if you are new and wanna learn this platform. Here is a free training tutorial on how you can use this in your business.

Generating MLM Leads When New?

The best way to answer this question is with active prospecting and passive marketing. Passive marketing is not controlled. That is when unnamed individual reaches out to you about your product or service. Active prospecting is controllable. This is where you’re going out and talking to people about that you are selling either your product or service is. When you ask this question how to generate leads when you’re new is that you’re looking to make more money in your business. The simple way to answer that is you just want to get more eyeballs on your presentation. You can do that through active prospecting or you can do it through passive marketing. We will break it down.

Active prospecting is when you are out there creating the mlm leads. You are looking to communicate with another individual about your product or service. You reach out to somebody, whether on Facebook, pick up the phone and call somebody, Communicating about your product or service to another individual. Very simple. If you are part time, speak with 2 to 5 people a day. Full time, 5 to 10 people a day. You can create your own mlm leads. You can control that. Now, for passive marketing, the best way I have learned to actually generate leads with passive marketing is a formula called ILT. This is invest, learn, teach. Ever since I’ve been implementing this, it’s changed my business. It’s invest, whether it’s your time or money, learned what you invested in, and then you turn around and teach it. That’s the best way you’re going to generate leads.

Let me give you some examples. If you are going to events, whether it’s a network marketing company event or a industry event, you are investing that time to go there and learn. You go to these events, take notes, and after the event or during the event create a short video. Create a video and share what you learned. When you share what you learned teach it. That’s the best way you can generate leads, why? There are other people who were not at the event and you learned something. If you share your notes, and prospects will reach out to you, and you have created a lead. The ILT method is the best way that I’ve used on how to generate leads. The best marketing method that’s out there is invest, learn, and teach.

Video On How To Generate Leads

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