How to Get MLM Customers and Turn Them Into Biz Builders

How do you get a customer to want to do the business?

Here I share a SIMPLE strategy to get more customers to join the business.

The Jackie Hayes Show podcast

I finished with a podcast today. The Jackie Hayes show. It was a really good podcast. We have worked with her before. She does amazing work. She is an author, speaker, she has her own publishing company, and now she has her own podcast. It was a great conversation. She drilled me about entrepreneurship, about network marketing, my perspective on it, and how to get started. 

MLM Customer Proposition and MLM Customer Retention

One thing we talked about was mlm customer proposition and mlm customer retention. When building any business, you need customers.  A lot of people think that they can build big mlm business without people. I don’t understand that concept. They want money but the people are the ones who have the money and make the purchases. So that means, you need people.  But when we talk about using marketing to getting customers and keeping customers, one of the things that we didn’t get into full details in the interview is the community and the culture that you are bringing. That is super important because when there is a lot of competition out there. When there is a lot of stuff happening. When people are always looking for the next best thing. It’s good to create a culture where people are not going to want to leave, what ends up happening, what’s the next best thing, is the people that you are bringing in. Like “Yo, you need to be with this trainer, you need to be with this coach, you need to get to this company, you need to get to this person.”

Creating Your Community and Culture

Once you get people in to a community or a culture, that’s when things change. Not just for your mlm business, but the people who are in the business, as well. If you build a community and mlm business that people want to go to, what ends up happening is that you are going to network and connect with a lot more people in that culture.   

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