How to Get MLM Leads Using Your Company Website

There is a strategy that, if followed, will get you blog MLM leads. This post will share that strategy and show you how to get leads using your blog, no matter what type of leads you want to attract.

MLM Company Website vs Landing Page

One thing with mlm company websites now is they all look the same. Two, ”I’m at a website, what am I supposed to do.”

I’m not even talking about the landing page. It’s your website, what is it that you want me to do?

The problem is with the attention span of people. I’m going to give you a couple of strategies on driving not just target traffic to your website, but more.

In my network marketing company, I have a duplicate website but am more strategic about it. If I have customers who wants to buy my product, I create an ad and send them there. If I want them to join, I’ll create that information instead of sending them a website.

A lot of times when you meet somebody, and you are asking questions. And they’d be like, “Yeah go to my website.” And you give them this long username dot xyz. You wouldn’t remember that. Or you go there and get board and then gone!

It is your job as an entrepreneur to make the consumer’s job less work as possible. If you want them to buy, you are going to work up front, so that they are going to work out there. That make sense?

Strategies to Drive MLM Leads to Your Website

What are a couple of strategies that you could do to drive people to that website.

Facebook. Instagram. Emails, Text. Twitter. Google Ads. Yahoo. Bing. Facebook Ads.

Obviously, these are a lot of different strategies to get people to your website.

Facebook has its own algorithm and to pull from likes, comments and shares, who will benefit from your content.

An example, 3000 friends on Facebook and you have 300 people who are interested. Then 10 percent of 300 is 30. Whether they are a company who is looking, or they want to buy your product.

Of that 30, let’s say 3 people are willing to buy. So 3000 people are in your personal page, 300 people have “probably” seen it, 30 people are interested in it, and from that, you have 3 people who will be a customer.

It’s going to be super duper hard to build your business like that.

People don’t join a business because they want to earn extra money, they join a business because of the lifestyle they are trying to build. The way this is marketed on Facebook and taught through network marketing companies isn’t working. People don’t go on Social media to buy things. Watch the video below to understand of what I teach.

Where did I learn How to Get MLM Leads?

If you wanna know more on how to get blog leads, you should invest in the amazing Blogging – 3Min Exp – Attraction Marketing Edition. Now, whether you decide to invest in yourself or not, I hope you enjoyed this post and it helps you understand how to get blog leads and you apply it to your marketing. Please Comment below if this helped you at all.

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