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How to Get More Traffic To Your MLM Blog Posts

Wanna know a pretty simple way show to get more traffic to your mlm blog? These marketing tips will help you easily do just that.

Some Cool Driving Traffic Secrets

mlm blogWith my Instagram, I do branding. I’m showing people who I am with my bio. The link in the bio leads them to my blog or lead capture page. But we wanna lead them to take action. I’m showing them two things, who I am, “Network Marketer, Blogger, Trainer for Network Marketers.” And then you can go to my mlm blog.

I take my followers to my blog but the thing is Instagram, they don’t like sending traffic off their app. They want you to stay on their app. Share with the prospect who’s coming to here where you want to send them.

Everything is directing back to my blog. All these social media platforms. This is where I want them to go. I want them to go to my blog because this is what I own.

With Twitter, again branding. Letting people know, I’m a friendly guy. Come get to know me. Then bio about who I am. “Entrepreneur, Trainer, Basketball Player, World Traveler, Network Marketer.”

This is the thing. I put “Network Marketer” in there because if somebody comes to any of my social media platforms and they are against network marketing, they go away. It’s “rejection free.” Right? That’s what I want. I’m not here to serve everyone. There’s only community that I’m looking to serve.

There is a place where I’m sending them to my blog on Twitter. Then in my tweets or content, I use Bitly links.

For example, you are going to my blog. Again this is you want your prospects to go, the cold market people, you want them to get to know you. If they are searching, your content comes up. And what happens is you look like an instant authority.

A lot of people wait to be perfect before you get it out there however most people don’t care. What they care about is getting a problem solved. If your content is solving their problem, you’re good.

The only reason why I like Pinterest over Instagram is that you can click the link on Pinterest. On Instagram, you’re not able to.

Remember everything is congruent with the others on my social media? When people come, it’s the same like it is on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. My branding is congruent on all social media platforms and I have my blog, where I’m directing them.

If I wanted to upload an image. It gives you two options: you can pin an image or you can do a URL. You can take your blog post or blog link.

You take the blog link that you created a post onto upload an image, you hit “Continue.” “Tell us a little bit about this.” Hit “Copy”. Make it all congruent. We’ll put, “Share and Pin.” Change the verbiage because it’s on Pinterest.

Bonus. Over time, do SEO because SEO is always help you rank better, but if you’re not even ready for SEO, start sharing on different social media platforms and you will start getting results. Then you start involving SEO because SEO is not going anywhere. It changes as far as trying to weed out the people who are trying to get over on it, but Google likes content. If you’re producing content, Google’s going to give your blog a reward.

Now, this article is for the person that wants to know how to get more traffic to their mlm blog but the bottom line is IF you want to build your network marketing business, you HAVE to get more eyeballs on presentations and whether that is online or offline know there are MANY different ways to do it.

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