How To Get Clients

How to Get New Clients In Your Network Marketing Business

Today’s show will teach you how to get new clients for your business, if you are brand new.

Learning to generate leads is critical for ANY business and we will show you how.

5 Ways How to Attract More Customers to your Business

How To Get ClientsThe old school method still works, build your list, hit your warm market, that does still work. I’m going to get a little bit more strategic on which ways on how to find new customers and increase sales.

Tip number one is that instead of going to your warm market, go to your warm market referral. Going to your warm market will be your highest conversion. Take it a step further, especially if they are against your money message or your product.

Go for the warm warm market referral. So, you have a list of your warm market, you can ask them, “Hey, are you open to a side project?” If you want to hit them with the business side, or “Hey are you open to a new product?” So you want to focus on the product side. Ask them, “Hey do you know anyone that is open to your product or to making some money?

The warm market referral is very powerful because you are going to them and asking them on how to get your first clients. “Hey do you know any successful business people that I could speak to who are open to making some money?”  You may turn them into a lead or somebody who’s possibly interested.

Tip number two is shoot an educational video. Need a video script for leads, this will help. Now, this has been very powerful in my business and it works. When you’ve been through a training, or when that you’ve learned something, use the ILT method, Invest, Learn, Teach. When you invest your time and/or money to learn something, turn around and teach it, turn around and teach it with a video. Create a video on what it is that you’ve learned from the event, what is it that you’ve learned about the product. Maybe you create a testimonial video and you share that testimonial on Facebook.

Tip number three is very powerful, it’s networking meetings. The reason why I like going to networking meetings is because this is where you get a better connection of people. You go in there you’re connecting with people, you’re shaking hands, talking. This is what most people do, they go in there with their pockets filled with flyers and business cards. Don’t go there like this. Go empty pocket, and go in there with your listening ears on.

When you have those listening ears on and you are asking questions, you’re gonna get a whole bunch of information from people who are, struggling in their business, who are looking for more business, or looking to join a business. If you have your listening ears on, you can take their business card and follow up with them the next day. This is a great way on how to get new clients.

Watch the video below to get the last two tips. You will enjoy them and most network marketers are not doing them and is why they are missing out on clients for their business.

Video: How to Get New Clients In Your Network Marketing Business

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