MLM Tips: How To Get People To Listen To You

Ever get excited about your new network marketing business and wanna share it with the people you know but no one will give you the time of day? Ever just wish you could get people to listen to you? This post will help.

How To Get People To Listen To You

listen-to-youThe video below will help get people to listen to what you have to say about your network marketing opportunity or product. You will have a better understanding on how do we get people to listen to you? There’s a few rules here.

Rule #1: If you want someone to believe that you are a great listener, let them talk about themselves. It may hard for some people but people love to talk about themselves. They will think you’re the best conversationalist out there. If you just let them talk about themselves.

Rule #2: People do not like to be sold to but what they like I should say is they like to have their problems solved. If you’re coming off as a problem solver instead of a salesperson you will get more people to listen to you.

Rule #3: People don’t like to be pushed or told what they should do. If you are one of those people similar to myself. If somebody tells me what to do, I shut them off, really do not listen anymore.

If you are in network marketing business and fairly new, what you are trying to do is fire your boss. You don’t like to be told what to do. You shouldn’t be telling other people what to do. You are your own boss in this but you are developing leaders. You are not boss of your downline.

What Most People Think Works?

How do you get people to listen to you? We’ve got to first switch that salesy, going to pitch mode every single time, every time you get a chance until a problem solver mode. How to become better problem solvers. We ask better questions. If you are asking questions about an individual instead of selling an individual then when your opportunity comes up, you can pitch your product or opportunity to that prospect. I’ll give you a few more scenario in the video below. Watch and take notes.

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